Impresario Chronis RTS

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Remote control to name, create and record different environments and favourite activities (brief absence, parties, home cinema sessions, presence simulations, etc.) in the form of scenarios.nEach scenario controls the simultaneous movement of different pieces of equipment (roller shutters, indoor or outdoor blinds, gate, garage door, etc.) irrespective of their locationnYou can create up to 16 “scenarios” actuating up to 40 pieces of equipment selected according to time of day, season or activity.nEach piece of equipment can go up or down or return to its “my” favourite position independently of all the others.nUsing the integrated timer, you can ring the changes on times as you choose, with up to 4 scenarios per day.nWith the Automatic/Manual function, you can override the programming at any time.nChoice of 2 finishes (Silver and Lounge)nAvailable in io-homecontrol® version.

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