The construction company Artist – Kyriakides G.P. based in Thessaloniki, has been active in the field of security doors and interior doors since 1998. Since its establishment, it has made its presence felt in the Greek market thanks to the quality of its constructions and its innovative ideas combining safety and quality with art.

The vision of the Kyriakides brothers is to manufacture products of the highest safety standards and provide the customer with the best possible solution even in the most demanding choice. For this reason, the vertical production unit in the 6th km of Thessaloniki – Oreokastro, has the most modern equipment and executives with high expertise and vast experience. Interested parties can be informed directly and multilaterally about all their certified products and applications at the Artist-Kyriakidis Exhibition, 301 Lagada Street, Thessaloniki.

Artist-Kyriakides G.P., as a construction company, set the goal of creating a new product every 3 months. Innovative ideas and state-of-the-art equipment have made it possible to achieve this goal after being designed and manufactured from small spare parts to integrated shielded doors that are nowhere else in the world, such as the 46-point locking door. Thus, Artist has managed to be among the best Greek door manufacturing companies and one of the best in Europe. Furthermore, the strong partnerships with Europe’s largest frame manufacturers (REHAU – ALLUPLAST- KÖMMERLING – KBE) enable them to manufacture and provide their customers complete solutions with the most up-to-date specifications and certifications. All products are certified to European and international standards. Specifically, there is a safety and burglary certificate, a thermal permeability certificate and a sound-attenuation indicator based on the applicable European ISO standards.

The company Artist – Kyriakides G.P. over the years it has developed a large network of partners throughout Greece. Professionals, door and window traders, civil engineers, architects, contractors, hoteliers, decorators trust and market our products in every corner of Greece. The Artist – Kyriakides G.P. it is also rapidly expanding in exports, as excellent manufacturing quality has opened the horizons to European and Asian countries.

After 20 years in the field of armored and interior doors, the company’s goal is the commitment of its people to produce products that provide safety and a better quality of life. Also, commitment is to secure jobs as Artist – Kyriakides G.P. more than 30 affiliates work daily and over 100 merchants are employed in the product distribution network.

“Continuous growth, a sense of responsibility and investment in technology and human resources are the foundations for making our dreams a reality.”


Pagratis and Andreas Kyriakides