Internal Doors with Concealed Handles

Artist presents the new innovative product in the category of special internal doors, the Internal Door with Concealed Handle.
Minimalistic aesthetics with a stunning and impressive result, suitable for all types of professional and residential spaces. We are changing the way you open doors.

Variety of Designs and Colors


Forget everything you knew about doors! There is no handle. You can open your door by placing your hand in the special recess and pulling or pushing the door towards the desired direction. On the inner side of the door, there is a special flush locking mechanism.


Apply to the door with the concealed handle a flush door design with concealed hinges and hidden moldings for full flushness.


The lock of the door with the concealed handle is just as secure as conventional doors. The door locks from the inside by turning the special locking bolt.


The flush doors are crafted in any wood or color of your choice to match the aesthetic you desire for your space. The finesse in the door’s finishing makes it nearly invisible, blending seamlessly with its surroundings.